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Alfredo & Mercedes Caxaj

Doug Mitchell Heartland, 1978

oil on masonite Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moore, London, Ontario, in memory of Alex Graydon, 1987


Un nuevo hogar.
A new home.
It is a heartland,
That wishes to be,
Welcoming to all.
It becomes enhanced,
By the diversity of its people.
Returning to the water,
It brings us together,
The beat of a drum,
The variety of colours,
The pulse of the heart,
The run of the river,
A greater community,
Guided by the sun,
With art at its soul,
Florecer√° una nueva tierra.

Photo of Alfredo Caxaj infront of band shell in Victoria ParkPhoto of Mercedes Caxaj smiliing outdoors

Alfredo Caxaj and his daughter Mercedes are Co-Artistic Directors of Sunfest Music and Arts Festival, staged annually at Victoria Park since 1995. Born in Guatemala, Alfredo came to Canada as a political refugee in 1985. Since then he has received numerous accolades, including the Spirit of Folk Award in 2019. Mercedes, who has advanced degrees in French and marketing, is also Head of Programs at Toronto-based Small World Music.