Response By

Evond Blake

Bertram Brooker Abstraction, Music, about 1927

oil on board F.B. Housser Memorial Collection, 1945


Brooker’s painting seems to challenge the viewer to come to terms with the fact that there is a thin veil separating humans from the spiritual dimension. The imagery depicts two worlds; one within the realm of another. One world is elevated, while it’s interior world radiates the Light and power of Creation that was constructed using a sound. I believe this artwork can be summed up in an ultra-simple equation: CREATOR ﹥ SPIRIT ﹥ NATURE.

Working under the pseudonym MEDIAH, Evond Blake weaves street art forms with traditional painterly techniques and mixed media printmaking, and draws on digital art and design. His murals are found in London and St. Thomas, as well as Toronto and Barcelona, and he exhibits internationally. Blake is part of Can’t Be Stopped (CBS), a well-known and influential graffiti crew based in Los Angeles.